Friday, February 4, 2011

25 Birthday Bash

holaaaaa..yesterday, 3rd of February 2011 was my bornday. me 25 years now, alhamdulillah. and i had a superb lovely birthday bash with my friends, me sooooooooooooo happy ya Allah..i had a quarter life now, still many things to pursue, catch many dream of mine, just wish Allah for any health so i can do it all, amin.
and thanks thanks HUGE thanks for lovely friends of mine, who catch to my birthday bash, u all were GREAT and ROCKS my day. subhanallah, i've got many wonderfull wishes, presents, friends..i heart u all :*
so speechless right now, this is one of my best birthday ever..*melted
thanks all, for coming into my life and put so many color in my world.have a lovely month people.spread all the love you have.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

congratulation, Juli-happy bride-

juliii..congrtas ya dear,hohoho,,may you get a happy marriage, aminnn..
the rest of us are still single fighter then..hihi, ganbatte!:D
btw, jull..for you i wore that red kebaya..noooooooooooo..only for you, juliii :p

Blogger Yard Sale 4, 29 January 2011

finally..i can catch into this moment and meet soooo many ner friends here. am so so sooo happy!yay!and bought some cute stuff too from here :D
and yes, finally met Jezmine and Nana, wohoooo..happy..see even gave me de cute maxi soo nice isn't it?