Monday, November 22, 2010

Domino's Rocks!

ohoo..welcoming my blog again..after couple days signing off and am back now.not talking too much.just having great pizza ever last weekend!hohohoho..believe me..u're gonna loooveee it till last bite!krauukk!am proudly present american classic cheeseburger thincrust+beef lasagna+BBQ chicken wings+choco lavaaaaaa...


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Naked truth or best dressed lie?

have u ever being betrayed or cheated?how did u feel after?have u ever ask the reason why they cheated at u?well,some might be answered "for our sake" or "because i don't wanna hurt u" or anything i just don't get it.because a lie will always be a lie,whether it white lie or not.
yes,i prefer a naked truth better than a best dressed lie!

wish u all a great saturday anyway :)
and lying okay :P

Friday, November 19, 2010


hey world!now friday,weekend time,yihaa!but i don't know where to go now..i mean really,in jakarta?what's ur fave destination when weekend?mall,hanging out with friends in mall?another coffee corner?dine-in or any resto?because am about so boooooreeeed wit that kind of place.well,i miss bandung,my hometown.but for now,am just too tired to have a trip even for a short one.c'mon,am just arrived from a town up there,near here.and surely i do need a proper rest :)
ahaaaa,how about going for a massage?i think that would be BRILLIANT!since long time ago i never had any massage eh?hohohohoho,okay maybe i'll put massage into my weekend-list how about you?any SUPERB idea?
hv a S.U.P.E.R.B weekend all :))))

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Iedul Adha

yesterday we celebrate Iedul Adha,,happy mubarak all :D never too late right?:D btw,i've spent my Iedul Adha wit my M.M.hahaha,too tired for a short trip to bandung.well,there's still a way to enjoy my Iedul Adha.i went to some garden owned by M.M's located in jonggol,near bogor,jawa always nice to have a run to a quiet place after you spent your week in a noisy place :p

just doing some BBQ time with "satay" and just "leyeh-leyeh" with his fam.after a day then it's still running with a round in his friend's house.yeah,satay BBQ again :)) 


here's my last tuesday outfit.yeah,working outfit.FYI, am so new as a hijabers.i don't have much time to buy clothes and other just tryin to mix and match things from my closet.just an old clothes :D 
white shirt-whitenblack blazer from bloop
executive's dark grey trouser
charles n keith's peep toe's
charles n keith's bag
ohh yeah,last tuesday i was soooo sleepy *yawn.i don't know why,but this city seemed to be soo rush rush and rush all the time.people moving so fast enjoying by seeing all this people moving on and's kinda fun for me u know.sitting in a corner of a coffee shop,take a sip of ur fav latte while seeing people..there's a joy inside i can feel that am alive.i do enjoying be part of the hear a sound of coffeemaker when get started,to hear waiter saying welcoming words to customer,to smell ur latte..and so on.what?too dramaqueen?me?whatever.but me here just tryin to live my world.i enjoying every single step of mine.just by doing,hearing,or even feeling little about yours?:)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Why TuesDay ???

i have my waffle with ice cream,a big glass of rootbeer,a CHIC magazine to read and a rainy day to enjoy with!

happy rainy tuesday peeps ^^
enjoy the rain...

Lately Monday

assalamualaikum all..
so,what happened to your last monday?hoho,hope it's run pretty eh.last day was not really hectic day.and by the way,am kinda regret not to watch ONROP musical :(((((
because what i got from my timeline about it,it was SUPER KEWL!!!
whatta day:just grab a lunch wif my friend,bought some random things,and nothing.
white shirt-deep pink cardi-dark grey atmosphere trouser
KAVI's bag

Monday, November 15, 2010

Random Thingy

image was taken from here
image was taken from here
image was taken from here
image was taken from here

Merdesa ???

so,few weeks i just read from my timeline about "Merdesa" album.i don't know why me took so long to listen to it but finally (yes,finally means now!) i heard couples song from the album.anyway, if u want to know about it please do visit Merdesa by Pandji. well,i only listen for 2 song but it just sooo easy listening.must listen first.
happy listening

Quickie Outfit

heloooooo monday!
wishing u all a smoothy day to run :) anyway,just wanna do a quick post by sharing my outfit when i went to my friend's wed last saturday.actually,i dont have any idea about what to wear last day.but,suddenly i found my mom's "kain batik" then voila..quickie skirt happen ^^
unbranned black shirt-mom's batik tulis
ALDO's necklace-mom's clutch

and because my boyfriend din't accompany me so i took out my lil sister to the wedding and of course to driving me up,hahaha..enough driving,traffic jam everywhere!
okay,catch u later then.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Welcome to Polyvore!

Welcome to Polyvore!
Welcome to Polyvore! by rannisanisa featuring prps jeans

my first trial ^^

New as Hijabers

alhamdulillah..almost 2 months ago i decided to wear hijab.and what i feel right now?just superb!it feel so comfy to run a day with me wearing hijab :) anyway,me as an amateur for this hijab thingy would be sooo craving to know other hijab very 1st read blog of hijabers was Fika.and by reading her blog,i found other interesting blog.yep,i keep on blog walking.seeing and reading lotta blog.

blog walking..reading again.

happy reading ppl,

Currently Here!

Assalamualaikum reader..well it's gonna be my first post.after this and that,removing lotta stuff from my blog,now here i am,finally :))

i kept lotta thought for this blog.what am i supposed to write and share???my current job?believe me,it's gonna be deadly boring to,since am not a model or designer so am not an expert in that field.but maybe,*yeaah maybe,oneday i'll post about my daily outfit or just my dream outfit.hohoho..hmm,what else?music,movie,travelling thingy,lotta dreams??okay,just anything.i think i'll post anything that popped out from my head :p

yes,i just cant wait to start blogging.since there's so many inspired bloggers out there who inspires me a lot!hopefully u can enjoy my blog and please drop some advice for me.