Wednesday, January 26, 2011

highest and catch the clouds

this kind of odd thought hit me. out from my window i can see sun shining. shine with her beautiful light. clouds accompany her, waiting for the dark comes. and i just wanna go to the highest mountain, building, or whatever. i just need to go as high as i can. to catch the sun, to reach the clouds. to brighten my day, yes..i need you, sunshine. i wanna go somewhere..too bad i can't go to the moon. to feel the empty space there, feel nothing but just my breath.
i really wanna run to you, you..who can bright my day, not only as a sunshine but also as a moonlight. who would give it light along my path. i miss you, even when i don't know you yet, not already. not know, maybe next.

(5.28 pm)

u know it..when to stop

it is not a suddenly many question why hit me recently.why?why?some people need a reason why we doing something in life.but sometimes, for me, it just because. yes, sometimes it just that simple. why make things more complicated anyway? many decision i made back then and me never regret for taking any of it. this is life, we live once.why regret too much and get burried to deep in any misery? talking about chances, people keep talking about second chance. am kind of person who would love to give any chance as much as possible, i guess. but sometimes, u really have to know when to stop, for your own sake. to keep your insanity, to keep you alive. because you can't dedicate your life to please anyone right? it is great to pleased people  around but just don't forget yourself. did you already find your own self actualization? i belive this life as a journey, never ending lesson we can find in life. some decision were choosen to be made, some people we have to leave behind, some future we still have to catch. 
to know when to stop is great. to move on with your life. to get a better life. it is you and your world. don't let anyone tell you what to do. live your life as you wish, build your world with your hands. don't let other get you down. be tough, be patient, be smile as always. heart your world. 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Jogjakarta, am in love :)

no reason just in love with jogjakarta. it's not my hometown though. i just feel comfy wherever i come. it maybe my love at first sight? yes, let me come visit you again with another story. another story to tell, to share, to feel.